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Martin Bakker Flowerexport

Flowers, so delightful to smell, so beautifully colorful and a wonderful gift to present and to receive.

Martin Bakker has been around for quite some time and has already more than 15 years of experience with flora.

Started small and gaining lots of experience in the flower business throughout the following years from there, as well in his own native country Holland as well as abroad, Scandinavia in particular. Sweden, Norway and Finland are the main focus of the flower business to Martin Bakker Flowerexport.

Martin Bakker Flowerexport has been self-employed since 2008 and is operating from the large internationally famous flowerscenter at Aalsmeer. Close to the source and located in the beating heart of a busy international renown flowertrade. Which Martin Bakker attends almost every day personally, long before the first light of day will appear, on top of making the best deals possible for his customers.

Who can deliver high and fair quality trade, first class products, first
class service and fair prices, who other than Martin Bakker Flowerexport at Aalsmeer.

Work experience Martin Bakker Flowerexport

  • Flowershops national and abroad, like Tyresö Blomsterhandel in Sweden. 
  • Export at Bøg Madsen (plants) and Hukra ('cut-flowers').


Specialty Martin Bakker Flowerexport

Supplier of large merchants in Norway, Sweden and Finland (Scandinavia) and flower stores in Sweden.

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